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Through its Vee Jay's Kalfresh joint venture with the Jurgens family in Bowen, Kalfresh now offers customers a range of field-grown, biodynamic tomatoes.

Jamie and Melita Jurgens are 5th generation farmers, whose great-great grandfather John Jurgens, planted his first tomato crop in Bowen in 1915.

The family still use John’s biodynamic farming methods today to grow their Vee Jay’s Gourmet and Roma Tomatoes and in 2017 received Organic In-Conversion certification.

The Jurgens are Reef Guardian farmers and work closely to reduce the impact of their farms on the local environment.

Their biodynamic systems increase natural flora and fauna and mico-organisms in the soil, resulting in healthier soil and plants. Jamie has introduced a ‘bugs for bugs’ program for pest control, to replace chemical use. The farms are in-conversion to organics (registration is underway).

The farming operation in Bowen is fully integrated, from growing right through to washing, packing and transport.

The thing you’ll notice about the Jurgens’ tomatoes is how great they taste. Customers often comment ‘They taste how tomatoes used to taste!’ That’s because they’re grown in soil, using biodynamic farming methods. This soil biology ensures the plant is healthy and that means they can reach their full potential and provide much better flavour and shelf-life.

Our Tomato Products:

  • 480g prepack
  • 1kg prepack
  • Organic In-Conversion gourmet and grape tomatoes

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