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Kalfresh has been growing and packing onions since 2003 and is now one of Queensland’s strongest producers of red and brown onions in the November to January supply window.

Kalfresh first entered the market to promote and enhance the reliability of Queensland onions. Through the introduction of unique harvesting, curing and packing techniques we have been able to set a new standard of quality and consistency in the Spring and Summer onion markets.

Initially we invested time and research into identifying varieties which are well-suited to our climate. Once the seed is in the ground we have full control of the growing process for the duration of the crop to ensure consistent results.

We developed a mechanical harvester, well suited to our onion varieties, enabling us to harvest large volumes more quickly.

In 2011 we expanded our drying facility so we’re able to cure large volumes of onions, prior to the grading process.

We work closely with our customers to provide a reliable and efficient service and we control all aspects of the process, providing security and traceability to our customers.



Bulk Onions Red & Brown

  • 1 tonne bulk bags
  • Loose Onions Red & Brown

Brown Onions: 20kg Jarrah/med/large

  • 14kg & 15kg crate: medium
  • 15kg carton: medium

Red Onions

  • 10kg med/large/Jarrah
  • 10kg & 15kg medium carton
  • 14kg & 15kg medium crate

Pre-packed Onions Red & Brown

  • 1Kg & 2 Kg Jarrah/med/large

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