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Kalfresh began life as a carrot produce company and we're still widely-recognised for our premium carrot lines.

We're passionate about carrots. We lead the industry in the carrot sector, offering  customers consistent supply of nutritious, high-quality, tasty carrots.

We offer customers 12-month carrot supply.

In 2011 Kalfresh offered the first commercial release of its new Luminous carrot variety, developed in conjunction with Harvest Moon in Tasmania. The Luminous carrot has high carotene levels and a very bright colour, which means our carrots look great on the shelves and their breeding ensures longer shelf-life.

Luminous was bred to better-suit Australian growing conditions, while retaining the attributes of a traditional high-colour carrot like the Mojo – small core, great flavour and a great bloom.

Our carrot range features:

  • 500g Kalfresh pre-packs (40/carton or bag)
  • 1kg Kalfresh pre-packs
  • 2kg Kalfresh pre-packs
  • 5kg Kalfresh Juice pre-packs
  • 10kg & 15kg Kalfresh Class 1 Cartons (medium carrots)
  • 20kg Carton Krunch Composite  (medium - medium/large carrots)

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