Kalfresh has a long history of exporting carrots and green beans to customers in New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore and the Middle East.

Our export program is headed up by our Sales & Export Director Martin Beattie, who is available to discuss your export needs.

Email Martin Beattie: martin@kalfresh.com.au 

Kalfresh Export Products include:

Carrots – loose & pre-packed

Beans – loose & pre-packed

Onions – loose & pre-packed

Tomatoes – loose & pre-pack

Pumpkin – whole & cut & heat-sealed

Capsicum - whole

Prepared Produce – Carrot Sticks, Carrot Shred, Diced Pumpkin

By buying produce direct from Kalfresh, you’re dealing direct with the farmer. That means the produce you receive will be as fresh as it can be.

Our produce is washed and packed on-farm, immediately after harvest. Our farms and factory are located close to major transport hubs.

Kalfresh Export Regions